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Find your baby name by Letter B

Search nearly 100,000 baby names to choose for your upcoming baby-to-be! Some are old and some are new, but the important part is you will find the perfect matching baby name.

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There are 4431 baby names matching your criteria - refine your search

Name Gender MeaningOrgin Rating
Ba Boy 3.11
Baako Either 3.04
Baal Either 3.00
Baanjean Either 2.94
Baard Boy 3.01
Baaron Boy 3.06
Baasha Girl 3.05
Bab Girl 3.15
Baba Either Born on ThursdayAfrican 2.96
Babaette Girl 3.07
Babafemi Boy 3.13
Babajide Either 3.06
Babak Boy 2.97
Babali Either 3.11
Babar Either 2.95
Babara Girl 3.00
Babaraba Girl 3.06
Babatu Either 3.05
Babatunde Boy 3.03
Babb Either 3.09

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Top 10 Letter "B" Baby Names for November 2015

See what the top 10 baby names were for last month. This will give you a indication of what baby names other people are searching for right now. Maybe your perfect baby name is popular!

Name Gender Meaning Rating
Balenda Girl 5.0000
Bly Either To Be a Tall Child 5.0000
Bonnie Girl Pretty girl 5.0000
Barr Boy Lawyer 5.0000
Beagan Either Small 5.0000
Bozica Girl Born at Christmas 5.0000
Brewster Boy One Who Brews Beer 4.5000
Babian Either 4.5000
Baird Boy Minstrel- Poet 4.3333
Baldur Boy 4.0000





Baby Name Learning Center

Before you jump right in and choose a baby name, be sure to do some research first! Don't forget your child-to-be is going to keep this name for a very long time!

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